Khamis, 24 Januari 2013

ANC visit....

yesterday (23/1/13) me n hubby went for my ANC BP is still on borderline high..136/86..and my urine showed albumin 1+..

when da doc scan my lil guy his weight is only 2.5kg...(200g increament from last visit)..poor baby...u r not growing so well inside there...sorry sayang...mummy will do everything to make sure u are healthy gonna try my best to feed u from out here...

and because of my AFI is reducing, my obs wanna induce me...and guess what...??? he said i'd be admitted on the 4/2/13 and he'll induce me then...huwaaaaa....scary...that is 3 weeks ahead from my EDD...i pray that everything is going to be well for both of us....ya Allah, make me strong and please keep us safe and healthy....

today, im on my way to submit my mc and also my HRMIS form to the office...long journey...tiring...T_T
waiting for mr hubby to come tomorrow.....cant wait...(^_^)

Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

MC again ~~

today is 12/1/2013....after 3days of being in KL...huhuhuh....=)

Just to share a bit about my currently in my 34w++...on last tuesday, i was having dizziness and feet were both swollen...the next day, i went to clinic and found out that my BP was high...150/90...urine were 2+ albumin...i was reaaly shocked and worried...then da doctor gave me mc for 2 days since im coming back to KL for my regular antenatal checkup on friday.... i told my boss in KK Kangar about it and she was worried too..she asked me to come to KK to do daily albumin and BP monitoring...she told me if my BP is not controlled, she wont let me go back home...of course i didnt listen and went straight back to KL the net day...i did my check up yesterday...i gained 3kg in 2 weeks urine albumin came down to traced instead of 2+ and my BP is still in borderline high...140/86... but the doctor told me he wont start any medication...he just asked me to rest and relax since maybe my bp was high due to stress and lots of thinking...( he got it rite..) he gave me 2weeks mc until my next check up....huhuhuh.....

last nite, i had dinner with my good frens from elementary school...ayesha, siti and najwa...ayesha is getting married...siti is going to have a lil gurl soon....and najwa too is getting married..i miss all of them as they were my good frens since i was a little gurl especially pic from last nite cz we were all too busy updating ourselves with da stories....

today mr hubby and I planned to go shopping for our lil guy...^_^

Jumaat, 4 Januari 2013

my new workplace

today is my 3rd day of i am in klinik kesihatan Kangar..

life here is pretty different from traffic jam, no hectic life, no thousands of patients...and everything is just so calm....unlucky for me, my husband is not here...if he is, i would enjoy this kinda life so much..!!

i have no oncall as i am in kk..but here in kangar, there is schedule for extended hours clinic which will be at 5pm-9.30pm everyday..every doctor will have the rotation for 3-4 times per month..the income is not bad too..we will be paid rm80 per hour...that is sooo much better than doing calls..which is rm150 overnight...

life overall so far is not so bad..just a bit boring since theres not many places that i can go...and again because mr hubby is not around...thx to my parents and siblings ofie and najia yg sudi menemankan kakak mereka....hehehee...;)

as for my pregnancy, i am now entering the 8th month...being in late pregnancy is really tiring and most of the time i will face the swollen foot, severe backache and mr hubby to massage me...i really miss him...little guy misses his babah too..:(

all the pics of my workplace and my place will be uploaded later....^_^