Selasa, 28 April 2015

after 2 years...again....


i have not updated my blog after 2 years..! again...hahahaa...this is becoming a trend for me to update my blog every two years, i guess...hahaa..

since the last post,
i'd sum up the memorable things that happened for the past 2 years of my life..

5/2/2013 - i safely delivered my 1st baby boy (mohamad aiman yasser) via emlscs due to fail induction (was induced because of reduced AFI and impending PE)

nov 2013 - i found out that i was pregnant..! it was sooo drama that i cried and cried and cried because i cant imagine that im going to have another baby very soon. but alhamdulillah, we made it through. ( its quite a long story to be written here..maybe in a separate entry i will )

jan 2014 - i got transferred back to KL..was placed in JKWPKL&P ( jabatan kesihatan wilayah persekutuan Kuala Lumpur & Putrajaya ) under HIV unit.
(so far, i'm loving this because no oncalls - obviously...and working in office is actually kinda cool..! =P )

3/6/2014 - i delivered my 2nd baby (mohamad ameer yafiq) via ellscs.. the 2nd pregnancy actually went really well for me.. no non stop vomiting and what not.. but the backpain was really bad. but i have my husband by my side to massage me..yeay! for this pregnancy, my pih was soo not under controlled and my bp was so labil. i was on labetolol since 25w pregnant. the reason for lscs was because of my unstable bp.

20/6/2014 - my 2nd baby was admitted because he had high fever during his 17th day of life. he had seizures in the ward. that terible and terrifying moments in my life was to see my baby lying in the hospital and i cant even be with him or do anything for him. he was hospitalized for 8 days and alhamdulillah, my baby was a fighter and he still is..! he was discharged home well..

september 2014 - got back to office after 3 months of confinement. and been really busy with national world aids day 2014 preparation

1/12/14 - WORLD AIDS DAY 2014 : alhamdulillah, everything went well after 3 months of sleepless nights... hahahaaa...(makanan xcukup kauuu...bajet 800 orang..yg dtg 1k++ org boleh????? )

7/1/2015 - the process of buying a house (yong's) settled.. now i owned my own house...yippe yeay.!! an intermediate single storey unit with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms..better than nothing rite..=D

28 april 2015 - and much a routine life..huhuh...just cant wait for my next vacay with my family...

that sums up almost everything that happened for the past 2 years..not much but unforgetable..currently a mother of two wonderful kids.. (even sometimes i feel like banging my head to the wall..hahaha...)

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